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    Homepage > PRODUCT CENTER > ROAD MACHINERY > STEADY MIXRE > WB400 Steady mixer
    WB400 Steady mixer


    1. CCEC 400 horsepower high-power diesel engine with strong power is selected.
    2. International famous brand pumps and motors are selected, traveling, mixing and driving are closed-type transmission and can be stepless speed regulation.
    3. Milling mixing rotor adopts large drum and large inertia with stronger impact resistance and better mixing effect.
    4. It adopts SOMA drive axle and is equipped with low-pressure wide base engineering tires with good vibration resistance and large adhesion traction.
    5. The whole machine is designed with the roll cage, which can effectively ensure the safety of work in steep areas.
    6. The new cab is equipped with green and environment-friendly air conditioning, luxury driver seat with comfortable operation and excellent environment.
    7. Extra capacity fuel tank design can effectively ensure continuous construction operations.



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