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    Homepage > PRODUCT CENTER > ROAD MACHINERY > MILLING PLANER > SCM1001J Milling machine
    SCM1001J Milling machine


    1. It has a large power reserve for a variety of harsh conditions, and is equipped with international famous brand hydraulic components and reducer to ensure the whole power;
    2. The overall welding frame has strong anti-vibration and anti-twisting strength to ensure the stability of the unit;
    3. The large capacity engineering plastic water tank provides sufficient supply for spraying and cleaning and can extend the operation time to the maximum;
    4. All-wheel hydraulic drive and third gear stepless speed change can meet the requirements of rapid transition and milling operations;
    5. The left handrail control unit makes the operation more convenient;
    6. The milling depth can be adjusted automatically to ensure the working accuracy and improve the working efficiency;
    7. The right rear wheel can be quickly transferred to the frame to facilitate the curb milling;
    8. The safety protection, the neutral position stop brake protection, the milling function protection, the tool replacement protection, the emergency brake protection are started to ensure the operator's personal safety and the unit safe operation;
    9. The proprietary technology designed working device makes the milling operation easier.



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