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    Homepage > PRODUCT CENTER > ROAD MACHINERY > MILLING PLANER > CM2000A Milling machine
    CM2000A Milling machine


    1. Imported Cummins QSX15-C600 high-power electronic control engine which emissions meet Europe Ⅲ, T3, State Ⅲ requirements has strong performance, high milling power and significantly improved fuel economy.
    2. Automatic leveling system can select imported MOBA leveling system or domestic leveling system.
    3. Self-designed spiral cloth knife milling drum is economical, efficient and easy to maintain.
    4. Four hydraulic control steering modes of front wheel, rear wheel, all-wheel steering and crab.
    5. Seven-inch full-color LCD screen has night vision features and human-computer interface.
    6. Automatic fault diagnosis, status information forewarning, maintenance information hinting.
    7. Ergonomics, clear vision, comfortable operating environment.



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