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    SUM720 Paver Serves Construction in an Old Revolutionary Base Area of Hunan

    / THE AUTHOR:Shaanxi Construction Machinery shares

        Recently, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. held a user observation meeting in the Hengyang of Hunan. In the meeting, SUM720 asphalt paver construction site was observed and its reliable quality won praise of users.          
         Qidong, Hengyang, Hunan connects Shaodong in the north, is close to Hengyang in the east, and connects Guilin in the west, is known as "throat of Hunan and Guangxi", locates in the central region of the old revolutionary base area, and supplies more than 50 thousand people around. County highway X086 plays a key role in promoting development of the old revolutionary base area and is a genuine "road assisting in becoming rich". This year, highway X086 was overhauled. The overhaul drew great attention of Qidong government and was expected to be overhauled within three days. With limited time and heavy tasks, highway X086 overhaul must be smoothly completed to prevent the subsequent rainy season. Otherwise, great loss will be caused, so construction equipment selection became a key point for project success. 
          On the same day, a SUM720BYSE asphalt paver manufactured by Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. was delivered to the construction site. The service engineer immediately performed equipment commissioning, such as inventory check and assembly. Within only three hours, everything was ready. At the same time, two trucks filled with asphalt were in place, the screed plate slowly extended to 6.5 meters, and paving started smoothly at 3:00 p.m. After 3-day shipshape construction, this road with length of 1.8 km and width of 6.5 km was completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. During the construction, experts and leaders from Road Transport Bureau of Hengyang inspected the construction and gave a high evaluation on the whole construction site, especially on paving quality.
           On this occasion, Hunan branch of marketing head office for Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. held a "Site Observation Meeting of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. Pavers" and invited more than 40 customers, including local influential enterprises and enterprises that have purchase intention to the meeting. Participants gave high evaluation on construction quality and the company's popularity and influence were further improved. 
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