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    Courageous Overcome of an "Unattainable Task”

    / THE AUTHOR:Shaanxi Construction Machinery shares

         Delivery of 18 tower cranes within a week was considered as an "Unattainable Task" according to current delivery scale of the company. How could staffs of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. break the routine and make a breakthrough?   
         June is the most important month in the first half of the year and is a month with heaviest production tasks. According to the task assigned by the company, tower cranes were urgently required by sites of each branch of PY Rental. 15 STC7020P tower cranes and three STC7528P tower cranes needed to be delivered to sites in time. This task was regarded as an "Unattainable Task" and the company's production system had never delivered so many vehicles in a single week. This task required work of a total of 60 pieces of 17.5m semitrailers and 10 pieces each day.
         After the task was assigned, all employees of the company rolled up their sleeves to work harder and were committed to make a breakthrough. 
          In each manufacturing shop, machines ran with roars and staffs worked busily. Each employee stuck to his own post, worked overtime, and finished production tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed. Tower crane delivery faced two restraining factors: self-made components and supporting outsourced parts. In order to ensure foolproof delivery, the above two factors must be under control. The company prepared workshops, machining workshops, comprehensive workshops, plate-workshops, and a coating management center, and implemented a 24-hour working system with machines worked continuously to ensure early-stage matching facilities of tower cranes. Quality inspectors actively worked overtime to ensure that the cranes could be shifted to the next process quickly. Vigorous cooperation of the manufacturing department and quality assurance department helped laid a solid foundation for delivery. With efforts of the supply corporation, outsourced parts have been delivered as required. Dual efforts from both the production party and the supply party laid a solid foundation and created good conditions for delivery of 18 tower cranes. 
         The task of installing tower crane assemblies is heavy, especially for upper and lower support assembling in plate-work shop 1. Tao Keyi and other employees in this shop worked until midnight to overcome difficulties, fully showing good working attitude and professional dedication of employees in plate-work shop 1. The tower crane delivery team led by Liu Jiang in the assembly workshop undertook the highest workload, finished packaging and delivery of 10 trucks each day. With average temperature of 38℃, employees in this workshop worked from 8:00 a.m. till the nightfall under the gantry crane in the north square. Sometimes, in order not to affect delivery in the following day, they worked till 12:00 p.m., improved work efficiency, and ensured prompt delivery.   
          Finally, at 11:30 p.m. on June 30, everyone was rest assured after the last truck was loaded. 
         With several days of close cooperation between various departments, we have created a new record of single-week tower crane delivery. At the critical moment, every department of the company worked hard and cooperated closely to resolve production difficulties, and showed great team power.
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