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  2. Tower Crane
    STC7528P Tower crane


    1. In the structure design, the crane boom adopts the variable section design to make the structural force more reasonable and the section size smaller;
    2. The tower adopts plate standard section, which is convenient for transportation and high interchangeability. The machine is a flat head tower crane, which is convenient for installation and disassembly and is convenient for group tower operation;
    3. It adopts a large number of Q345B and Q345C material profiles. The steel structure has light weight, high bearing capacity and long service life;
    4. The three mechanisms of lifting, swing and jib luffing adopt the full frequency control, the mechanism runs steadily, the impact is small, the failure rate is low, and the functions of light-load high-speed and heavy-load slow-speed are realized. It has the features of high performance, high reliability, high efficiency and energy saving;
    5. Electrical system and hydraulic jacking system adopt the world's leading smart control system and is equipped with a complete range of high-quality multiple safety protection and monitoring devices which are safe and reliable and have superior performance;
    6. It uses an integrated luxury cockpit with wide view, safe and comfortable; electronic control system is located in the cockpit which can improve the maintainability and weatherability of the equipment; humanization design can improve the working environment of tower crane driver.



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